Thursday, August 12, 2010



Compact and light.
High contrast ratios (10,000:1 or greater,) excellent color, wide gamut and low black level.
High speed response.
Near zero color, saturation, contrast or brightness distortion. Excellent viewing angle.
No geometric distortion.
Highly scalable, with less weight gain per increase in size (from less than 30 in (760 mm) wide to the world's largest at 150 in (3,800 mm)).

Large pixel pitch, meaning either low resolution or a large screen.
Noticeable flicker when viewed at close range
High operating temperature and power consumption
Only has one native resolution. Displaying other resolutions requires a video scaler, which degrades image quality at lower resolutions.
Fixed bit depth
Input lag
Older PDPs are prone to burn-in
Dead pixels are possible during manufacturing

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