Thursday, August 12, 2010



Very compact and light
Low power consumption
No geometric distortion
Little or no flicker depending on backlight technology

Limited viewing angle, causing color, saturation, contrast and brightness to vary, even within the intended viewing angle, by variations in posture.
Bleeding and uneven backlighting in some monitors, causing brightness distortion, especially toward the edges.
Slow response times, which cause smearing and ghosting artifacts. Modern LCDs have response times of 8 ms or less.
Only one native resolution. Displaying resolutions either requires a video scaler, lowering perceptual quality, or display at 1:1 pixel mapping, in which images will be physically too large or won't fill the whole screen.
Fixed bit depth, many cheaper LCDs are incapable of truecolor.
Input lag
Dead pixels may occur either during manufacturing or through use.

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