Saturday, August 14, 2010

Link data

Some machines have the ports to insert PlayStation memory cards. Such memory cards have to be PlayStation 1 (not PS2) memory cards with Link Data from the home version of DDR 5th Mix (the home version of DDRMAX2 cannot create arcade-compatible Link Data). 5th Mix can create two different kinds of arcade link data; the Link Data file for DDRMAX2 is known as "New Version" Link Data and is backward-compatible with DDRMAX arcade machines as well. Link Data serves two primary purposes: Score-saving and Internet Ranking. The user can save his or her scores from arcade performances, and whenever the game is played in the future, the arcade game will load the scores for each user and show them on the song-selection screen to show the player's best performances. These scores can also be viewed at home with DDR 5th Mix. DDRMAX2 also provides Internet Ranking codes based on the user's performance in the Challenge Mode courses. As with all of Konami's Internet Ranking events, the webpage for the game would allow users to enter in a generated password which contains their initials and scores for that session, and the webpage would display the rankings for those who have submitted codes. Link Data saves these passwords so that they may be entered much more conveniently.

The arcade game can exchange custom stepchart data with the home version, as well as any earlier version that has songs that are in DDRMAX2, though this requires special steps to be taken in DDRMAX2 to write a PlayStation 1-formatted save file, which must then be copied to the PlayStation 1 memory card by the user.

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