Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Merging Cells : Ribbon Option

Select the cells you want to merge from the ribbon, select the layout command tab in the merge group, click merge cells the selected cells are merged.

Menu Option Merging Cells: Quick

Select the cells you want to merge Right click within the selected cells select merge cells the selected cells are merged.

Merging Cells

Cells can be merged either from the Quick Menu or the Ribbon.

Merging and Splitting Table Cells

When working with tables, you may occasionally want to merge two or more cells, or split one cell into multiple cells. Word makes this easy.

Cnahing Table Position Table Properties Option

Select the table by clicking the table move handle located near the table's upper left corner Form the layout tab, in the table group, click table properties or right click inside the table select table properties the table properties dialog box appears.

Changing Table Position

Tables are automatically aligned to the left margin of the page. However, tables can also be positioned along the right margin, in the center, or set at a specific distance from the left margin. You can adjust table placement using the Table Properties dialog box box or the indent option.

Setting Margins

text in a table cell Note: To alter table placement within the document, refer to Changing Table Position.Setting Margins Just as with page margins, cell margins refer to the space around