Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Desktop replacement

A desktop replacement computer is a laptop that provides most of the capabilities of a desktop computer, with a similar level of performance. Desktop replacements are usually larger and heavier than standard laptops. They contain more powerful components and have a 15" or larger display.[11] Because of their bulk, they are not as portable as other laptops and their operation time on batteries is typically shorter; instead, they are meant to be used as a more compact, easier to carry alternative to a desktop computer.[11]

Some laptops in this class use a limited range of desktop components to provide better performance for the same price at the expense of battery life; in a few of those models, there is no battery at all and the laptop can only be used when plugged in. These are sometimes called desknotes, a portmanteau of the words "desktop" and "notebook," though the term can also be applied to desktop replacement computers in general.[12]

In the early 2000s, desktops were more powerful, easier to upgrade, and much cheaper in comparison with laptops. But in the last few years, while these advantages remain true in theory, their practical value has substantially decreased since the performance of laptops has increased at the same time prices have dropped.[13] In the second half of 2008, laptops have finally outsold desktops for the first time ever.

The names "Media Center Laptops" and "Gaming Laptops" are also used to describe specialized members of this class of notebooks.[10]

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