Sunday, September 12, 2010

Video game art

Video game art involves the use of patched or modified video games or the repurposing of existing games or game structures.[clarification needed] Often this modification is through the use of level editors, though other techniques exist. Some artists make use of machinima applications to produce non-interactive animated artworks; however artistic modification is not synonymous with machinima as these form only a small proportion of artistic modifications.[clarification needed]

Videogame art relies on a broader range of artistic techniques and outcomes than artistic modification.[citation needed] These can include painting, sculpture, appropriation, in-game intervention and performance, sampling, etc.[citation needed] Video game art also includes creating art games from scratch, rather than by modifying existing games.[clarification needed] It is useful[by whom?] to regard these as distinct from art mods as they rely on different tools, though naturally there are many similarities with some art mods.[clarification needed]

Like games[clarification needed], artistic game modifications may be single-player or multiplayer. Multiplayer works make use of networked environments to develop new models of interactivity[clarification needed] and collaborative production[clarification needed].

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