Sunday, September 12, 2010


FreeBASIC syntax attempts to stay as close to the BASIC syntax as possible, specifically that of QuickBASIC. Although the syntax attempts to stay compatible with its predecessor, FreeBASIC follows modern standards and coding practices. Standard procedural features, along with object oriented features such as types as objects, operator overloading, function overloading, namespaces, etc., have been added in FreeBASIC.

FreeBASIC's lines end when the end-of-line characters are found, or with a colon. Because of this, lines don't have to have a special character (such as the semicolon in C) to notify the compiler of the end of line. Multiple statements may be written on one line by separating each statement with a colon :.

FreeBASIC supports block commenting along with end of line remarks. Full line comments are made with an apostrophe ', while blocks of commented code begin with /' and end with

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