Monday, August 16, 2010

Market penetration

Although DDR3 was launched in 2007, DDR3 sales are not expected to overtake DDR2 until the end of 2009, or possibly early 2010, according to Intel strategist Carlos Weissenberg, speaking during the early part of their roll-out in August 2008[13] (the same view had been stated by market intelligence company DRAMeXchange over a year earlier in April 2007.[14]) The primary driving force behind the increased usage of DDR3 has been new Core i7 processors from Intel and Phenom II processors from AMD, both of which have internal memory controllers: the latter recommends DDR3, the former requires it. IDC stated in January 2009 that DDR3 sales will account for 29 percent of the total DRAM units sold in 2009, rising to 72% by 2011.[15]

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