Saturday, August 21, 2010


A magnifying glass application for magnifying small sections of the computer's screen, centered around the mouse cursor, giving the user a detailed view of the screen, as well as the pixel coordinates of the mouse. Provides several levels of zoom, "locking" the image under the mouse for closer examination, and saves the magnified image one of several formats. Helps ensure visual elements are aligned precisely.

An alternative for the Pixie app that comes in the default OS X installation is the DigitalColor Meter app in the Applications / Utilities folder. There is also a built-in zoom function enabled via System Preferences / Universal Access / Seeing which can enlarge the screen up to 20 times, but it provides no data about the pixels. The default way to activate this is Command-Option-Shift-= (in other words Command-Option-+), assuming the default keystrokes are enabled in System Preferences / Keyboard & Mouse / Keyboard Shortcuts.

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