Monday, August 16, 2010

DRAM (memory) modules

  • Single In-line Pin Package (SIPP)
  • Single In-line Memory Module (SIMM)
  • Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM)
  • Rambus In-line Memory Module (RIMM), technically DIMMs but called RIMMs due to their proprietary slot.
  • Small outline DIMM (SO-DIMM), about half the size of regular DIMMs, are mostly used in notebooks, small footprint PCs (such as Mini-ITX motherboards), upgradable office printers and networking hardware like routers. Comes in versions with:
    • 72-pin (32-bit)
    • 144-pin (64-bit) used for PC100/PC133 SDRAM
    • 200-pin (72-bit) used for DDR and DDR2
    • 240-pin (72-bit) used for DDR3
  • Small outline RIMM (SO-RIMM). Smaller version of the RIMM, used in laptops. Technically SO-DIMMs but called SO-RIMMs due to their proprietary slot.

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