Monday, September 6, 2010

Regulatory classification

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies computer software engineers as a subcategory of "computer specialists", along with occupations such as computer scientist, programmer, and network administrator.[3] The BLS classifies all other engineering disciplines, including computer hardware engineers, as "engineers".[4]

The U.K. has seen the alignment of the Information Technology Professional and the Engineering Professionals.[5]

Software engineering in Canada has seen some contests in the courts over the use of the title "Software Engineer".[6] The Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (C.C.P.E. or "Engineers Canada") will not grant a "Professional Engineer" status/license to anyone who has not completed a recognized academic engineering program.[citation needed] Engineers qualified outside Canada are similarly unable to obtain a "Professional Engineer" license.[7] Since 2001, the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board has accredited several university programs in software engineering[8], allowing graduates to apply for a professional engineering licence once the other prerequisites are obtained, although this does nothing to help IT professionals using the title with degrees in other fields (such as computer science).

Some of the United States of America regulate the use of terms such as "computer engineer" and even "software engineer". These states include at least Texas[9] and Florida[10].

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