Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DBMS simple definition

Data base management system is the system in which related data is stored in an "efficient" and "compact" manner. Efficient means that the data which is stored in the DBMS is accessed in very quick time and compact means that the data which is stored in DBMS covers very less space in computer's memory. In above definition the phrase "related data" is used which means that the data which is stored in DBMS is about some particular topic.

Throughout recent history specialized databases have existed for scientific, geospatial, imaging, document storage and like uses. Functionality drawn from such applications has lately begun appearing in mainstream DBMSs as well. However, the main focus there, at least when aimed at the commercial data processing market, is still on descriptive attributes on repetitive record structures.

Thus, the DBMSs of today roll together frequently needed services or features of attribute management. By externalizing such functionality to the DBMS, applications effectively share code with each other and are relieved of much internal complexity. Features commonly offered by database management systems include:

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